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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be an effective way to deal with issues you have struggled with for years or days. It is completely tailored to your individual needs and goals and is an interactive and collaborative experience with your therapist. You may need an unbiased viewpoint on your struggles, feedback on patterns in your life, or solution-focused strategies to change thoughts or behavior that is interfering with your relationships, school, or work. Whether you want to confront problems in the present or resolve issues that have been impacting your life for decades, you will determine the course of your treatment and the development of your individual treatment goals.

Dr. Gordon uses a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities and your treatment schedule will be tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Sessions are typically schedules on a weekly basis until you and Dr. Gordon identify progress indicating less frequent sessions are appropriate. Sessions can be 45-minutes long, 60-minutes, 90-minutes, or longer, depending on your treatment needs, goals, and individual preferences. Most importantly, therapy is a collaborative process and Dr. Gordon encourages open and honest communication and feedback throughout the therapeutic process to best serve your needs and goals.

Couples Therapy

One of Dr. Gordon’s passions is working with couples in premarital counseling, crisis resolution and infidelity, and enhancing an already positive relationship. Most couples devote more time and money to planning their weddings than to strengthening their relationship and learning better ways to predict and resolve problems in a proactive way. Premarital counseling can be an effective tool to enhance communication, learn better ways to repair the relationship after conflict, deepen your connection with your partner, and create an alliance with a professional who can assist with future relationship challenges. In addition, research indicates lower rates of divorce in couples who participate in premarital counseling.

Whether your relationship is just beginning, in crisis, moving through a difficult transition time, or well-established and strong, Dr. Gordon can offer an outside perspective with productive feedback on how to work through anger, resistance, and resentment to find solutions, change bad habits, and work together to achieve a more satisfying relationship. Couples therapy offers an opportunity to learn factors which contribute to relationship satisfaction and incorporate them into your relationship, discuss relationship expectations and needs in a safe environment, practice effective communication and conflict resolution, negotiate needs and role expectations, explore relationship deal breakers and problem areas, confront and resolve infidelity and trust issues, develop contracts for money management, negotiate parenting style differences, resolve resentments over past relationships or extended family conflicts, and explore emotional triggers and anger management. Dr. Gordon finds her work with couples very satisfying and enjoyable and celebrates couples who are willing to confront their challenges openly and emerge from a difficult situation feeling more connected and committed than they ever hoped.

Family Therapy

A family can be described as a system of relationships in which every member affects the dynamics of the whole system. A troubled family member often becomes the source of much of the energy in the household and frequently indicates other problem areas in the system as a whole. Therefore, it can be essential for as many family members to attend therapy as possible to affect lasting change in the family system as a whole. Often emotional and behavioral problems arise in children when parents experience marital discord, divorce, health problems, and external stressors such as relocation or job changes. Being interested in work with children and teens, Dr. Gordon is an advocate for family involvement in therapy, as it can be a valuable primary or adjunct intervention for troubled youth.